Offer Your Customers The Ability to Design, Share and Order Online

Interfaces with websites or ecommerce stores that need design services for their clients.

  • For Websites & Webstores

    PageProdigy Licensing allows a Cloud Design Program organized for your specific customers and products. Incorporate the Designer directly to or from your website. Perfect for any kind of print store or ecommerce where your customers need a design platform to make it convenient to order your product. Customize any size print document and offer unlimited customized templates.

  • For Educational Facilities

    PageProdigy Licensing allows a Cloud Design Program for University, College or School students and faculty. A wonderful way to help those students with limited means (and share with each other online) with out needing to download. Allows electronic means of submitting homework, assignments or other projects (collaboration coming soon). ePublications can also be published.

  • For Businesses & Groups

    PageProdigy Licensing allows a Cloud Design Program for your all of your employees. Share interdepartmentally without needing programs for each computer. Print and design from any computer, whether home or office, or publish electronically. No more need to email PDFs or files back and forth, simply share with each other through the Designer (collaboration coming soon).

Tier Implementations

PageProdigy Licensing has 3 tier options to choose from.

Tier One

Allows your customers to access PageProdigy (white-label in your name) directly from your website, and allows secure access to customers, designs, and templates. When the customer is finished, the PDF is sent to your company with customer information. This tier is perfect for sites which currently do not have an ecommerce solution. Learn More...

Tier Two

Includes all the features of Tier 1, and enables integration into your website through an API. The API allows your website better integration with templates and sales flow. This solution is great for a website with an existing ecommerce solution. Learn More...

Tier Three

Full Online Store with Designer. Includes all features of Tier One & Two and offers a complete eCommerce Solution. Prices are posted on your company website to allow customer to pick and choose the ordering process. This solution is best for print shops who currently do not have a website, or who want a new website with a fully functional ecommerce solution. Learn More...


Tier One

Many print shops allow customers to upload their artwork directly from their websites. This Tier One implementation will give your customers an additional option to design online. Setup is super easy and requires two simple steps. First, add either a button on your existed upload form giving your customers the option to design, or add another page detailing the new option of designing online. The image below on the left is an example of a website that allows uploading only. The image below on the right is an example of adding a button to allow designing. Once the customer clicks on the button they are taken to your white-labeled designer. Upon finishing their project the customer presses on the "Order Project" button. A PDF for their design is created, and an email is sent to you informing you of the customer's intention to order. The second step is to create a thank-you page for the customer on your website where the customer will land after pressing the "Order Project" button.


Tier Two

In addition to the features of Tier One, websites that already have an ecommerce solution will enjoy the flexibility of using our API. The sales flow will allow you to integrate seamlessly into your current ecommerce solution. Through the API your server can communicate with our server to get customer, template and design information.

In addition to putting a adding a link to your white-labeled designer, you will also be able to display filtered templates and current customer designs on your website.

Most print shops send their customers away to design.

Many websites give their customers blank templates for desktop designers. However, this solution requires that customer leave, design, and return. The image below is an example of this.

Instead, lock them in.

Giving your customers the ability to choose a template and immediately start designing on the cloud will lock them into your products. Below is an example of what you could put on your website through our API filtering for flyers.

The possibilities are endless allowing complete control over the look and feel of the implementation.


Tier Three

If you currently don't have a website, or are wanted a website with a full ecommerce solution then our Tier Three will revolutionize your online presence. We will work with you to create your website, product listing, and shopping cart, and integrate it all with our online designer. Below is an example of who is currently using our designer as a Tier Three solution. If you would like to see it in action, please visit

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